Childcare Associate

$15 hourly
Job type:
Part Time/Full Time
Expected hours of work:
We are seeking to fill two associate positions. One at a minimum of 13 hrs per week, and the other at 25 hrs per week.

Full job description:
An Watershed Community Childcare Associate, is responsible for maintaining a safe and fun environment for young children ages 6 months of age to 4 years. Their duties include coming up with creative and educational activities as well as maintaining a clean environment for the children.
Watershed Community Childcare Associates are responsible for the well-being of the children under their care. They must monitor the children all day to ensure that they play and interact with one another in a safe and appropriate manner. Some of their typical duties include:
  • Ensuring the children have good hygiene and changing diapers as necessary
  • Cleaning interactive areas throughout the day
  • Assisting the children with parent-provided meals and snacks for the kids
  • Organizing activities and developing curriculum for older children
  • Helping develop a schedule for the children to maintain throughout the day
  • Keeping records of each child’s progress, interests and any problems that may occur
  • Maintaining contact with the children’s parents and contacting them in the case of an emergency

To be considered, candidates should apply by filling out the online application provided through the link below. Email any questions to